The training of researchers of University of Applied Sciences is one of the key tasks of SynHERA.

SynHERA aims to professionalise the role of the researcher and promote quality scientific research within UAS and their associated Research Centres, in all disciplines.      

Find out about our training programmes ! 

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ProPulse : training in applied research

Are you a teacher and have you always dreamed of getting into the fascinating world of research or are you a researcher looking to supplement your training? ProPulse is just for you !

Objective: to acquire the transversal skills needed to conduct scientific research (composition and setting up of projects, methodology, optimisation of results, etc.) 

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DiscovHEr : discover the world of research

This training day is ideal for teachers at UAS who would like to explore the world of applied research and how it works.

This training takes place on request for research coordinators or institutional officials of UAS.

These training programmes are free of charge and do not require any scientific research prerequisites.