Who are we ?

Research is essential ! Thanks to research, companies can innovate, implement new technologies and meet the needs of users, now and in the future. Research and knowledge enrich our society and contribute to making socio-economic development sustainable in our regions.

Based of this observation, 20 years ago, the research support and promotion office was created: SynHERA. It is the only structure which represents applied research within French-speaking Universities and associated Research Centres from Belgium. 


From its two offices, in Brussels and Namur, the SynHERA team works with different stakeholders on a daily basis :

Researchers at the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and associated Research Centres. Over 1,000 researchers from 7 departments: agronomy, applied arts, economics, paramedical studies, social and technical fields   

  Belgian or International companies , with a social or economic aim 

  Different players from the innovation ecosystem

Our work

Promoting applied research, a concrete research to meet specific needs

Maximising synergies between Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and different companies

Giving companies the opportunity to boost innovation and develop new technologies

Enabling companies with an economic or social purpose to access the skills and expertise of UAS

Supporting researchers in the development of their activities 

Highlighting and dissiminating the work of researchers

  Training teachers in research activities

Representing UAS to public and political authorities

Our strenghts

A team comprised of highly qualified experts in multiple fields with a genuine culture of innovation

Contact with the most qualified researchers in your field with specific expertise, tailored to your requirements 

A team close to key research players in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region


                                Certification ISO 9001

SynHERA is ISO 9001 certified for "raising awareness of research partners in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), supporting the setting up of projects, negotiating research and development contracts, protecting and employing the results and training of researchers."

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